How Long Does it Take for Footage to be Posted to Street View Via TrailBlazer?



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    Prashanth Randadath

    Hi, I am trying to upload my first SV trails to google. 

    (1) I downloaded the 360 timelapse video footage shoot as 1 frame every 0.5 seconds from my GoPro Max 

    (2) processed the file using GoPro Player and made it to an mp4 file and then renamed to .mov as that's the file format trailblazer software was asking for. 

    (3) uploaded the .mov file to google via trailblazer softer ware. 

    After some 30 hours of "google processing status" - i got the message now as "google failed to process your file" .

    Can you let me know what I am doing it wrong  . 


    thank you

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